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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Playsuits are sprouting up everywhere. There’s something about them that takes us back to our youth, when life seemed like one long summer holiday. Whether you call it a romper, onesie or bloomer, they are now accepted by the fashion world as a summer must-have for girls of all ages. So why do we all love playsuits? 

A playsuit is a fun alternative to a dress or skirt and allows gorgeous girls’ to cartwheel away ‘til their hearts content! Stylish, fun and durable they are a great trend for girls - enabling the more adventurous to play hard, in style.

  Where did the playsuit come from?

The playsuit was born in New York in the 1930’s, where it was seen as a stylish piece of sportswear. A move away from restrictive clothing favoured by French couture saw a re-invention of women and girl's clothing - becoming more practical and versatile.

1940's - The playsuit made its fashion debut and became a beachwear essential, which could be worn to play sports or for lounging by the poolside.

1950’s - A variety of frills, bright prints and daring shapes emerged and pin ups such as Marilyn Monroe were regularly spotted wearing all in one playsuits to accentuate their hourglass figures. 

1960's - Playsuits evolved into a more laid-back style, with an emphasis on shorts and retro prints.

1970's - The disco movement inspired glitter balls, Donna Summer and jumpsuits - a longer, more glamorous version of the playsuit. This item was typically seen on a shimmying disco divas in nightclubs, and icons such as Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor stylishly sported the all-in-one favourite.

80's & 90's - Due to trends such as punk and grunge taking over the catwalks, playsuits took a back seat.

00's - The playsuit made a huge comeback in 2006 as a summer essential and we have never stopped wearing it since! It has evolved with the ever-changing fashion timeline, and modern day style icons such as Kate Moss and Rihanna prove that the playsuit is here to stay.  

As the playsuit is so versatile the possibilities are endless, and the new ilovegorgeous range has everything from the relaxed popcorn jumpsuit to pretty tulip prints. Take a look here. What does your girl love about playsuits and which is her favourite

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