Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Our day out at the Chelsea Flower Show...

The infamous Chelsea Flower Show is a splendid British event, and the ilovegorgeous team were lucky enough to celebrate it’s centenary show over the Bank Holiday weekend. The CFS proved why it has stood the test of time with its weird and wonderful statues, wild piles of blooms, and a regal history.

 The NSPCC’s spellbinding “Garden of Magical Childhood” took us back to the days of building rickety tree houses and playing hide and seek with our teddy bears. Designed by Adam Woolcott and Jon Smith, the garden holds a wonder of nostalgic features - vintage toys,  kaleidoscopic flowers and even a wishing pond. The show imitates a child’s imagination and supports the “What Will we Leave?” campaign which hopes to get us thinking about the precariousness of childhood and what we are leaving behind.


We were fascinated by the artistic and inventive displays, and and the show was a huge source of inspiration for our designers Lucy and Sophie. We have included plenty of pretty florals in our current collection from floaty fairy dresses to bright retro bikinis. There's a print for every gorgeous girl to choose from whether it be our delicate ditzy, 50’s tulip or funky fluorescent print! 


Thursday, 16 May 2013


Playsuits are sprouting up everywhere. There’s something about them that takes us back to our youth, when life seemed like one long summer holiday. Whether you call it a romper, onesie or bloomer, they are now accepted by the fashion world as a summer must-have for girls of all ages. So why do we all love playsuits? 

A playsuit is a fun alternative to a dress or skirt and allows gorgeous girls’ to cartwheel away ‘til their hearts content! Stylish, fun and durable they are a great trend for girls - enabling the more adventurous to play hard, in style.

  Where did the playsuit come from?

The playsuit was born in New York in the 1930’s, where it was seen as a stylish piece of sportswear. A move away from restrictive clothing favoured by French couture saw a re-invention of women and girl's clothing - becoming more practical and versatile.

1940's - The playsuit made its fashion debut and became a beachwear essential, which could be worn to play sports or for lounging by the poolside.

1950’s - A variety of frills, bright prints and daring shapes emerged and pin ups such as Marilyn Monroe were regularly spotted wearing all in one playsuits to accentuate their hourglass figures. 

1960's - Playsuits evolved into a more laid-back style, with an emphasis on shorts and retro prints.

1970's - The disco movement inspired glitter balls, Donna Summer and jumpsuits - a longer, more glamorous version of the playsuit. This item was typically seen on a shimmying disco divas in nightclubs, and icons such as Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor stylishly sported the all-in-one favourite.

80's & 90's - Due to trends such as punk and grunge taking over the catwalks, playsuits took a back seat.

00's - The playsuit made a huge comeback in 2006 as a summer essential and we have never stopped wearing it since! It has evolved with the ever-changing fashion timeline, and modern day style icons such as Kate Moss and Rihanna prove that the playsuit is here to stay.  

As the playsuit is so versatile the possibilities are endless, and the new ilovegorgeous range has everything from the relaxed popcorn jumpsuit to pretty tulip prints. Take a look here. What does your girl love about playsuits and which is her favourite

Friday, 10 May 2013

Say hello to our gorgeous girl Lula, our monthly guest blogger...




Here at ilovegorgeous we thought we would ask our budding blogger a few questions to discover more about what Lula loves…

When did you discover ilovegorgeous?
My older sisters used to wear it all the time, so I discovered it when I was five and have loved it ever since!

How do you pull your outfits together in the morning?
Well… whenever I'm wearing a dress, I will always team it with something to make it look more interesting and different. If I'm wearing a skirt or a top, I normally make sure there is one colour combo! I will always make my outfits look cool, and casual!

What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?
I absolutely love tennis, baking delicious cakes, and going shopping of course!

What's your favourite trend at the moment?
I really like the vintage trend and I have also seen a lot of people wearing metallic colours (mostly gold), which I think is so cool and crazy!

What do you like to read?
I love reading Vogue and Miss Vogue, and I often look at other people’s style and getting influenced by their ideas. I look at a lot of fashion blogs on Tumblr, especially Prada's.

What's your favourite ilovegorgeous piece?
This is such I difficult question - I love them all! The clothes are so beautiful and detailed and the colours are always amazing.

How would you describe yourself?
I would probably describe myself as funky, crazy and LOUD!

Where's your favourite hangout at the moment?
I love hanging out and shopping in Notting Hill and Portobello - there’s such a fab range of shops! I also love all the funky vintage shops on Brick Lane.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Woodland Walks and Flower Fairies…

Our new collection is inspired by nature and all its beauty, and contains pretty floral prints, which conjure fairytale images of enchanted woods and secret gardens. We love flower fairies, and thought we’d research some fairy related events for you and your gorgeous girls to enjoy this summer…

The Enchanted Woodland

Walk through the Enchanted Woodland at Audley End in Saffron Walden and see if you can spot the many little fairies and elves that live hidden in the woods in their fairy tree houses.  Perfect for little girls who love fairy magic…


The 2013 Fairyland Trust fairyfair contains all things fairy, with fun workshops, live performers, music, walks, storytelling and refreshments. A lovely day out for all the family, add some fairy wings and you’re all set…
FairyLand Workshops
The Fairy Land Trust offer fun workshops and children’s activities – perfect for little girls’ parties and birthdays, we especially love their storytelling and creative crafts; does anyone fancy making some fairy crowns or magic lanterns? We do!

Fairy Glen at Appley Bridge

One of the most picturesque woodlands, the small clough valley of Fairy Glen provides an ideal home for a variety of wildlife – take a stroll through the woodland of oak, birch ash and alder, and trip through the bluebells and see if you can spot a fairy amongst the wild garlic and ferns…

Fairies at Trentham

Everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom of gardens and Trentham Gardens is no different; walk around the beautiful mile-long lake and through the woodland and keep your eyes peeled for Titania and her fairy friends…
ManorFarm Fairy Folk

Explore Manor Farm and discover the fairy folk on this delightful walk in Hampshire – with secret gardens, beautiful woodland and pretty countryside, try and spot some delicate fairies hiding in the trees…

Our collection contains pretty print dresses, separates and accessories, perfect for little girls wanting to express their inner fairy. We’d love to see your gorgeous girls dressed as fairies – send them to or post them on our Pinterest or Facebook pages!