Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Ever wonder where the ideas behind our new collection of funky fabrics and gorgeous colours really begin? Winter sunsets, magnified snowflakes and a healthy dusting of glitter are just a few fabulous things that inspired one of our designers Lucy Enfield when it came to creating this season's pieces...

"Walking in the arid hills of Tuscany, Sophie and I came across a stunning single flower which seemed to be surviving against all odds. The low evening sun shone through the petals creating what we thought would be a beautiful skirt. In designing the Westbourne Top and Grove Skirt we thought of how lace is deep rooted in nature - flowers, snowflakes and winter sunsets. Here the white lace of the skirt sits over the pink lining to give a glowing warmth, and the pink lace on the soft jersey top is a counter balance which translates into a cool party outfit. The Coral Cardi and tights complete these memories of a sunset. The search for more stunning inspiration could continue with further treks down the lane when wearing the practical yet pretty golden glitter pumps."

Favourite party dress?

"The Tokyo Nights Dress. I like the dichotomy of the girly, glittery fabric."

Favourite accessory?

"The Tiger Necklace - it's a little mad and irreverent!"

Thursday, 5 September 2013


The end of summer is approaching but we think the best thing about going back to school is picking funky new stationary and (even though we already have five pencil cases). And what could be cooler than a personalised notebook for your secret scribbles and bright ideas? Just follow these simple steps….

1) First step...pick an old fabric, your favourite wrapping paper or postcard and cover the bottom page using glue or hard card with your choice of print or image. This makes sure the book has your own personal design and look - be creative!

2) Stack your left over paper in a pile – cut them all to the same size. Do not worry about being different colours, lined or not lined this is all part of the fun of it being your own individual notebook!

3) Lay the stacked sheets of paper down…so the edges meet. Fold the first sheet of paper in half - draw a line with pencil down the fold if it helps to show where to sew - fold back to the rest of the pieces of paper.

4) Using a sewing machine sew down the penciled line using single thread stitch. If you are using a needle and thread, then take a bull-dog clip (if you do not have any – use a clamp or something to hold paper still). Push your pencil or needle along the line making holes to sew through.

N.B. Depending on how thick your book is you might be able to do this in one go. If not, separate into smaller chunks and sew together once finished.

5) To use needle and thread, tie a knot around the head of the needle this will stop the thread from falling out of the needle as you go. Weave you thread in and out of the holes you have made down the line of the paper. Sew three to four times as tight as possible.

6) When you reach the bottom for the final time, chop! Cut the left over threads off or tie spare threads in a nice bow – whatever you like best. Then fold the book and, Volia! For the wow factor you can customise with bows and ribbon, or some sequins and gems for a bit of bling!