Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

6th March - World Book Day. The ILG team selects their treasured childhood books...

March 6th is world book day, children everywhere are heading to school dressed in their favourite fictional character (and dutiful parents have scurried, scraped and sourced the costumes...)

We think books are brilliant. We’ve all spent time engrossed in a really good read… whether its time spent in a magical mystical land, inside the belly of a whale or giggling manically along with our favourite fictional friend. So we are running a competition to win some lovely book tokens (one can never have too many books!) 
Tell us your favourite childhood book on our facebook page for the chance to win a £30 book token (there’s 2 up for grabs). Simply post your answer in the comment box and you'll be entered into a draw, entries close at midnight (GMT) Thursday 13th March, enter here

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bill Granger's delicious recipe for pancake day

YAY! PANCAKE DAY HAS ARRIVED... We love any excuse to eat zillions of divine fluffy pancakes so we thought we'd ask an ILG friend for a super scrummy recipe idea...

 Internationally renowned for his easy-going approach to cooking and particularly well-known for his way with brunch (New York Times christened him the 'egg master'), Australian restaurateur and food writer Bill Granger has sent over a delicious recipe for pancake day. We’ll be trying these tonight...


We also love Bill's lovely restaurant 'Granger and Co', in Notting Hill (we recommend you go! and if you can't make it to Notting Hill, why not try cooking some of the lovely recipes in Bill's Italian Food Cooking book... see below - for more information visit Bill's website

Send us your pics for pancake day - if your children are joining in the fun, then you really can't beat the classics: lemon and sugar, good old-fashioned jam and one of our fave's - banana and nutella... yum yum, send us your pics on instagram to #ilovegorgeousuk


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day...

Treat someone special with one of these sweet ideas... 
So simple - perfect for children & adults - go to the ilovegorgeous pinterest board for more gorgeous images & cute crafts...


Send us a picture of your makes on instagram @ilovegorgeousuk

Friday, 24 January 2014


As dreary January draws to a close we've put together a fun selection of crafty things to make and do...

Whistle whilst you work with these bird-y inspired ideas... don't forget to post your makes on our facebook/instagram - we'd love to see how you get on!

Orange Bird Feeder                                                                                             

You will need...
An orange
Prepared bird seed mixture
A piece of string

1. Cut a lid out of the top of your orange and hollow out the juicy middle - you could also make a yummy juice with the middle!

2. Pierce a little hole for the string to thread through, this will make your handle.

3. Fill the orange peel with the bird mixture and leave to set in the fridge for 2 hours.

4. Hang outside on your favourite tree and watch the hungry birds enjoy their yummy treat!


Coloured Bird Houses

All you need is a bird house, old or new, and some weather proof paints/top coat, and whatever bits you want to decorate your birdy house with... Buttons/twigs/beads etc.


Toilet Roll Owl

You will need..
empty toilet rolls
marker pens
pva glue

1. take your toilet roll and bend the cardboard to meet each other at one end of the roll and secure with glue or a bit of sticky tape, this will make the ears.

2. when the glue is dry, paint your owl any colour you wish and put it somewhere safe to dry.

3. once your owl is dry you can draw him on some eyes, a beak and some feathers just like the ones in the pictures!


Pine Cone Owl

You will need...
A pine cone
Coloured felt/card/craft paper
Pva glue

1. Cut out the shapes for the wings, eyes and beak. Try to use different colours to give your owl his own identity.

2. Stick the bits onto your pine cone and there you have it! You could even use fun googly eyes like in the picture above and use different colours and sizes to make a whole family!


Have Fun!