Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A fabulous holiday project

© Rachael Glanfield 2012
Not long ago, a fabulous surprise popped into our inbox. A lovely lady from Australia, Rachael Glanfield, sent us a wonderful set of drawings featuring our entire Spring/Summer '12 collection. Not only had she hand drawn each garment and reproduced the fabrics so beautifully, but had also illustrated a couple of little models who could wear the collection. It whisked us back to our childhood, what little girl didn't love cut-out paper dolls with their tabbed clothes?

Rachael explained that as a child she spent hours designing clothes, recreating historical costumes and carefully making little paper dolls to wear her creations. And she gave us some advice on how to make the project successful: "What we always did with the figures themselves, was cut them out loosely as far from the outlines as possible, glue them to a thin sheet of cardboard (usually the cover of an old exercise book), then cut them out properly when they dried and make a stand for them from plasticine, blu-tack or just by clipping a spring clothes peg to the side of the base so they stood up."

We were amazed and thrilled to see such wonderful drawings - we're sure you will be too! Click on the link below to download a document to print out on standard A4 printer paper. And have fun! Download the full set by clicking here...