Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Special pop-up bespoke while-u-wait letterpress event with the brilliant Marby and Elm

Meet Eleanor Tattersfield, the queen of letterpress and founder of Marby and Elm, a design studio and online business based in Hampstead. Eleanor's love of pressing began in 2009 in her garden shed, four years on and she now has a growing business, creating bespoke stationary and unique hand-printed gift cards, postcards, tags and a whole host of beautiful and desirable print-based products. We have collaborated with Eleanor on an exclusive range of gift cards and tags that are available to buy very soon. (We'll all be sending friends and family the divine 'Have a Gorgeous Christmas' card!) Eleanor is making a special visit to our Primrose Hill store this Thursday for a one-off-bespoke-letterpress-pop-up event. It will be great fun and a chance to pick up some cool bespoke art.

We caught up with Eleanor as she was about to embark on a stint printing IN the Liberty window for the store's "Get Creative" week!
Eleanor at her wooden workshop window, surrounded by fresh prints - hot off the press... 
Why collaborate with ilovegorgeous?
It’s a beautiful brand of exquisite children clothes made with a combination of tradition and a flair for fun & fashion in a similar way to Marby and Elm, also I love Sophie [ILG designer Sophie Worthington] and see eye to eye with her on many things so feel it is a perfect fit. I believe our clients are a similarly discerning group of people who desire beautiful things made in traditional ways and with quality materials.

Why fluoro?
I have being printing with fluoro pink & orange since I started as a way of exaggerating the juxtaposition of traditional printing methods with a contemporary, funky edge.

Who's been the greatest influence on your career?
My good friend Paloma is a genius and makes things from felted polar bears to illustrated children's books. We spend many days out at exhibitions and art galleries for inspiration and fun.

How can children get involved in letterpress?
Children can start with rubber stamping, which is effectively an inverted rubberised version of printing with letterpress machines. This is so much fun and they can take so much away from personalising school books and pencil cases! I recommend a trip to Blade Rubber Stamps near the British Museum which adults will enjoy too!

Here Eleanor gives us an inside look at the printing process on our very own fluoro pink birthday cards...Marby and Elm

Don't forget to come along to our free event Primrose Hill event on Thursday 7th November, where we will be offering 20% off our gorgeous clothes and accessories and some truly scrumptious treats from our friends at Primrose Bakery will be on offer!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn adventures - things to do in London this month

We couldn't help feel overwhelmed with all the exciting activities and attractions on offer in London this month, so we have hand picked the best family events just for you. Make sure you note these gems in your diary....

Time Loop BP Family Festival @ The Tate Britain, Pimlico, Sat 2nd-3rd Nov

This free event for families explores 500 years of British art through music, performance and dance. Grab your traveller kit on arrival which includes tickets and vital explorer's tools such as time-loop glasses and a log book.

The adventure begins on board the the Vicyoria Amazonica riverboat with your captain telling tales of electric eels and mysterious pink dolphins. This interactive fun-fest also lets your children touch the tummy of a cat fish whilst learning about different cultures and the dangers facing the Amazon.


Bonfire Night

You can't beat a firework display in the country's capital, so here are child-friendly picks...

Central: Coram's Fields, 5th Nov 
North: Alexandra Palace, 2nd Nov
South: Crystal Palace Park, 5th Nov 
East: Barking Park, 9th Nov  
West: Byron Park, 9th Nov,  

Sing along to Grease whilst being served by roller-skating staff in this vintage-American cinema with a twist. There's also a delicious Mexican street menu or you can snack on hot dogs, soda pop and candy. 

If you are after a bit of live theatre to entertain your little ones, don't miss the charming tale of Dora, a hoarder who stores everything from biscuit tins to birdcages. Eventually trapped by her own clutter, Dora learns that giving away can also bring happiness.

Ice skating is the perfect after-school treat this winter and this beautiful setting has a smaller rink for children. Non-skaters can play on the fairground carousel or watch people fall over from the balcony above (with a hot chocolate!).

We're always looking for cool and unique events for your gorgeous guys and gals in London, so please share with us your experiences!