Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Make a mini box garden!

Here's a lovely project for you to make together, while the weather is good, go outside and collect 'ingredients' to make your tiny garden beautiful!

What you will need:

A small waterproof box - vegetable and fruit boxes from the supermarket are ideal
Compost or garden soil
A shell to make a pond
Twigs, matchsticks, lolly sticks - these could make a sweet picket fence
Small stones or sand for pathways
Maybe some bendy willow to make archways or wigwams
Buds, berries, blossoms from the garden
A couple of little friends to play in the garden, we chose a pig and a dog!

Take a look at our pictures for inspiration - would you like a pig in an orchard? A shell-pond with floating blossoms? Maybe a tiny vegetable garden, a patch full of scented pink blossoms. We thought last year's sedum flower heads look like trees giving scale to the little garden beneath....

Have a go - make your own - and post your pictures on our Facebook page, there'll be a prize for the winner!

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