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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Meet our gorgeous girls...

There are two sides to ilovegorgeous... - our London side, with a smart shop in hip and chic Ledbury Road in Notting Hill - surrounded by wonderful shops, restaurants, delis and must-have luxuries - and then there's the hive of creativity that is our design studio, a short walk from the shop and in a modern, urban space.

And, of course, we have our Yorkshire HQ - we've shared before photos of our stunning location at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, in an elegant stable block conversion. Here, we are surrounded by fields, hills, sheep and some very beautiful architecture! It's here we take your calls and send out your parcels.

Last week we mentioned on our Facebook page that there was a new project afoot for one of our Yorkshire team - adopting, or rescuing, five ex-battery hens. We asked for name suggestions and got some brilliant replies!

So here are the ladies - we have decided to call them (inspired by Facebook friend Sarah Bird and her Hollywood roll-call)... Marlene, Greta, Lana, Rita and Ginger.  As you can see, they're looking a bit worse for wear now, and they really must get the hang of not standing in their food dish... but we're sure with a little bit of TLC they'll soon grow glossy new feathers and their combs will be red and perky in no time! We'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, we're happy to report that they're already feeling quite at home in their new des-res, complete with cosy straw-lined sleeping quarters and open plan dining and leisure area! So much so, in fact, that today, just three days after their arrival at their new rural home, they have laid four eggs. Clever girls!

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