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Monday, 13 February 2012

Half term project - Shoe box doll's house

It's half term holiday for us here in the UK, and we've put our heads together to think of a lovely way to spend a day with your gorgeous girl, at home, crafting and creating together.

And we've come up with a shoe box doll's house, we know when we were little we would have just loved to make one of these beautiful and simple projects together with our Mum or Granny...

So where to begin? You'll need:
- A shoe box. Any shoe box. If it's an adult one it's bigger, so a little easier to work with
- Scissors
- A glue stick
- White paper and crayons, pencils or felt tips
- A selection of small boxes, cardboard or little objects to use as furniture - be imaginative!
- An old fashioned clothes peg for a peg-doll, or little animals/people from the toy box
- Scraps of fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons...

First step: paint out the inside of the box in your chosen colour, or you could use wrapping paper or a wallpaper sample to decorate the walls. Sometimes you're lucky and your shoe box has a coloured inside - mine is glossy hot pink (how very ilovegorgeous!), so why not use a piece of wrapping/wallpaper as a funky carpet?

Next you want a window with a view. Draw a rectangle on a piece of white paper and draw a lovely view - whatever you'd like to see - trees, hills, flowers, palm trees on a sandy beach? Or you could cut a photo out of a magazine or travel brochure and simply draw a frame around it. The travel pages and classified pages of glossy magazines provide a great source of little pictures!

Now if you want curtains, decide whether you'd like them short or long - will there be a pelmet? Set free your inner designer! Cut strips of fabric for curtains and use a ribbon or trim for a pelmet.

Will your room have pictures in frames? Snip away at a magazine or catalogue - we found ours in an interiors accessories catalogue. You could have anything that takes your fancy - a fireplace, blue and white china plates on the wall - see if you can find three flying ducks!

You can make furniture out of anything you can find - matchboxes, pipe cleaners, little gift boxes, use your imagination - anything tiny could be something else...

Brown paper looks a little like woodgrain, so wrap up a small box to make a cabinet, wardrobe, blanket box...

So now you've made one room, you could make some more. Stack two or four together and make a pitched roof out of a simple piece of cardboard folded down the centre...

And don't forget to send us your pictures via our Facebook page! There'll be a prize for our favourite!


  1. Love this idea! My own daughters have recently made houses for their pegdolls with an assortment of boxes :)

    1. Thanks Zoe, this shoe box is now home to some very sweet little animals! Happy girls this half term.

  2. Thanks for these great ideas - I enjoyed looking. I have posted extra ideas for home made dolls house furniture and people at my blog. Links below:
    shoebox dolls house for travelling:
    simple furniture ideas:


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