Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Ever wonder where the ideas behind our new collection of funky fabrics and gorgeous colours really begin? Winter sunsets, magnified snowflakes and a healthy dusting of glitter are just a few fabulous things that inspired one of our designers Lucy Enfield when it came to creating this season's pieces...

"Walking in the arid hills of Tuscany, Sophie and I came across a stunning single flower which seemed to be surviving against all odds. The low evening sun shone through the petals creating what we thought would be a beautiful skirt. In designing the Westbourne Top and Grove Skirt we thought of how lace is deep rooted in nature - flowers, snowflakes and winter sunsets. Here the white lace of the skirt sits over the pink lining to give a glowing warmth, and the pink lace on the soft jersey top is a counter balance which translates into a cool party outfit. The Coral Cardi and tights complete these memories of a sunset. The search for more stunning inspiration could continue with further treks down the lane when wearing the practical yet pretty golden glitter pumps."

Favourite party dress?

"The Tokyo Nights Dress. I like the dichotomy of the girly, glittery fabric."

Favourite accessory?

"The Tiger Necklace - it's a little mad and irreverent!"

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