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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Top Tips for New Mums

We all know there is no such thing as a 'baby manual', but tips and advice from mums in the know always help.  Currently on maternity leave from her role as the ilovegorgeous Wholesale Manager, we asked our gorgeous girl Kate to write about her new found experiences as mummy to beautiful Edie.

I have been asked to write a blog about being a new mum and my top tips.  

Well, I don't profess to be the font of all knowledge on this subject and probably like most new mums, I just muddle through from day to day and hope for the best.  My darling daughter, Edith, has survived up until now (five months) so I can't be doing too badly! 

Here is what I have learnt so far and if you can glean some tips then that's great!

1. Trust your own instincts

People are always so full of advice when you start a family, it can get quite overwhelming. The absolute best piece of advice that I have been given is accept all advice graciously but at the end of the day, trust your instincts.  

I am a strong believer that if you stay calm and have some confidence in what you are doing, your baby will pick up on those vibes and this is the key to a happy life. (Sort of!)

2. Learn to adjust to a different pace 

It has been quite a transition from working '9 to 5' to being a mum.  Yes, the hours are longer and you don't really ever have time off.  But, everything moves much more slowly. 
There is no popping here or nipping there - trips out need a certain amount of planning. 

Plan to leave half an hour earlier than you would have previously and you may just arrive at your destination on time.

3. Things to do with your newborn

Filling the days can sometimes be quite a task. Being someone who hasn't spent a lot of time around babies and children (I've tended to avoid it until now), I was a bit stuck as to what to do with a baby.  

Never did I think I would end up at a baby and toddler group, but you will now find me on a Monday morning, '…rowing my boat merrily down the stream' with the rest of North Yorkshire’s new mums! Joining groups really is a great way of meeting new people and babies love to see other babies.

We also started a swimming class, which has been fantastic. Nobody is looking at your stretch marks or post pregnancy tummy; they are more interested in the cute baby bobbing in front of you, so don your swimsuit and make a splash! 

I can thoroughly recommend Waterbabies; they have classes all over the country.

My baby loves to look at books. Her favourites include all time classics The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet Ahlberg. Although, she's just as happy catching up on the latest fashion! 
We do try to include a walk everyday, as Edie loves looking at the trees and hearing the birds sing. 

Remember to talk to your baby. There is nothing I love better than talking (or singing - out of earshot of anyone else!) to Edie and hearing her coo back at me. I may have over done this though as she has turned into quite a chatterbox - particularly at 3 o'clock in the morning! 

4. Invaluable products

 Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment is a really lovely product.  It has a lovely fragrance and is made with all natural ingredients.  It keeps my baby's bottom rash free and smelling sweet (most of the time) and is a really nice product.  In fact, the whole Burt's Bees baby range is really lovely and most importantly tears free. I'd buy this for any new mum.

Tippitoes do a fantastic baby bath that has a built in seat.  This is a great help, as it means your baby is supported and you have use of both hands at bathtime.

Baby sleeping bags are brilliant for popping your baby in at night.  They're great for ensuring your baby stays warm and comfortable; lots of companies do these now.

Finally, Edie’s favourite play thing has been Sophie the Giraffe, which is perfect for chewing, squeaking and bashing.

5. Baby clothes and what to buy

When buying baby clothes, don't go over board before the baby is born. You will be given lots of gifts when the baby arrives, even from people you don't know. Watch out for the hand knits that will come in their droves. 

Remember that babies grow at a phenomenal rate and go through clothes like there is no tomorrow.  Don't buy too much in the same size - it's upsetting to see clothes unworn because they are too small.

Remember the age/size on the label doesn't always relate in any way to your baby's actual age. Don't be upset by this all babies are different (I can say this being the mother of a particularly large baby!) and Edie can be 0-3m in one brand or 12-18 in the next. There is no rhyme or reason.

I found that babygrows for the first few months were my go to item, however try and avoid the ones that fasten down one leg, it’s much easier if they fasten down the middle.

Buy clothes in similar colours; it makes washing so much easier! It also simplifies dressing if everything is one colour palette. I haven't myself adhered to this advice but it would be nice!

Fine cardigans and jumpers are perfect for layering so you can adjust the temperature of your baby easily, and it also allows her to move around more freely and explore her new world. Edie hates to be too hot or restricted by bulky clothes. 

6. And finally...

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your baby and let them know you love them everyday.  Make the most of this time, as they really aren't small for long!

This a little of what I have learnt, so I hope there's something of use.  I’m now off to purée a carrot - wish me luck!

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