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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The story of Little BU

We asked Patricia Haimes, founder of Little BU nail polish to tell us a bit about what inspires her, what her typical day looks like and a few of her favourite things.  

What inspired you to start Little BU?
As a true city girl growing up in New York, manis and pedis were always a weekly ritual to relax and catch up with friends. On one occasion, I started to realize there was an influx of sweet girls having their nails painted with traditional nail salon polishes. Their faces would light up when their colour was applied, and I thought I could replicate this experience with a safe, non-toxic alternative that also offered them lots of fun and trendy colours.

What's a day in the life of Little BU?
As a new mum I’ve learned how to organize my personal and professional life so I can enjoy both. On a typical day, I’m greeted by my son’s beautiful smile at 7:00am and I get him ready for his day. By 8:30am I’m already working until I take a break to exercise and clear my mind to manage stress. The day takes many turns but there are typically vendor meetings to review the latest product developments, sales calls to secure retail outlets and creative meetings to brainstorm new ideas. By the end of the day I make sure I have some special time with Grayson before he goes to bed. Then I do a bit more work in the evening.

What's your favourite Little BU nail polish colour?
I love Little BU in Sofia, a rich purple with a touch of magenta shimmer, which is a part of the debut collection. I also have a soft spot for it because it was named after my eldest niece! 

What's your secret to choosing the colours of polish?
The creation of our Little BU colours is based on the seasonal runway trend reports coupled with instinct. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for over fifteen years and I’ve had a tremendous amount of experience with colour forecasting. However, the most important ingredient to our creation is that each shade has to be reviewed and approved by the girl it’s named after!

What's your favourite thing to do when you're not working?
I’ve always been a kid at heart, and since the birth of my son, Grayson, I’ve been able to tap back into the little girl inside. When I’m not working, just spending time with him playing, exploring and going on adventures is such a pleasure!

What would you have done in another life?
I’m already happily living another life as leaving New York three years ago and moving to London wasn’t on the original life path I had planned! Now I have a life I hadn’t initially dreamt which includes my main focuses: my husband, Grayson, and Little BU. I’m just excited to see how it all further develops!

Little Bu will be providing polishes for our party wear launch party goodie bags and we will be running an online competition with them that weekend to win a 'Little Bu trio' for ilovegorgeous customers. We will let you know more about that very soon... 

Don't forget to book your free tickets to our launch party weekend for you and your gorgeous girl soon as they are going fast. 

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