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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Grow your own Cress Head!

ilovegorgeous has teamed up with Secret Seed Society for a fun Easter holiday project! If you place an order with us you'll get a free packet of organic cress seeds - or you could buy some from your local shop...

Now comes the fun bit! Find a pot - plant pot, yoghurt pot, or even an empty eggshell (seeing as it's Easter and all...) choose something you can draw on with marker pens. Now draw a face on your chosen pot. Fill the pot with your growing medium - this could be compost or even cotton wool - to within about 1cm of the brim. Now moisten your growing medium with a little water and sprinkle a fine layer of cress seeds over the top. Place on a warm, bright windowsill and wait for your little friend's hair to grow!

If you want to get really fancy, you could take an old pair of nylon tights, cut off one foot, sprinkle seeds into the toe then fill with cotton wool and tie closed. You can now pinch and tie noses, ears, cheeks...

 And when your cress has grown? Eat it, of course - you can put cress hair on a decorated pizza or muffin, or just enjoy a delicious egg-and-cress sandwich! Have fun!

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