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Monday, 6 June 2011

Gorgeous on Monday... Jamsmith

Simply drooling this morning over Jamsmith's new offerings... Strawberry and Wild Mint; Strawberry, Raspberry & Balsamic; Strawberry & Cassis; Strawberry & Garden Rhubarb…

What more could you want? Jamsmith herself is a friend of ilovegorgeous. Until recently, Vicky worked for us in our Yorkshire office, helping in the sales team, wrapping your gorgeous orders, feeding us on delicious jams and marmalades and generally inspiring us to craft and create. Vicky is a creative whirlwind, sewing and cooking and jamming and photographing (the photos in this post are Vicky's)...

Pop over to her blog (click HERE or find a permanent link in our blog list - to the right of this page) to look at her lovely work, and find out how to order her prize-winning preserves.

Vicky left us a few weeks ago to pursue her jamming and bread-baking more seriously. We can only wish her luck, and say "Sourdough, please!" with jam, of course.

email Jamsmith:

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